Using natural products isn't just good for you - its good for your planet as well! In the 1950s, farmers began using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to help increase their crop. Over time these farmers had to increase chemical potency and treatment frequency to keep up with the resistance developed in insects and weeds.

The International Food Policy Research Institute conducted a study that showed 40% of the world’s soil is depleted due to:

  • Erosion – from planning the same crop over and over again, in the same spots
  • Nutrient Depletion – from using chemical fertilizers
  • Salinization – the increase of salt in soil due to excessive irrigation.

Organic farming methods can reverse this damage, while also making healthy soil. The methods used in organic farming include crop rotation, careful water use (and controlling runoff), and using fertilizers like compost and manure instead of chemicals.

At Onurth we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled and recyclable packaging. All of our product containers can be recycled or re-used. Our bags and gift wrap are made of post consumer waste and are biodegradable. Try Onurth's new Eco-Squares to help reduce your own carbon footprint.

Our packaging is recyclable including bags, tissue, gift wrap. Remember - we only get one earth so do your best to take care of it!