A Few of Our Favorite Organic Ingredients

Clary Sage

Known for its antibacterial properties, Clary Sage can also reduce inflammation while regulating the production of natural oils in the skin. Clary sage is amazing for both oily and dry skin and leaves you glowing.

Egyptian Rose Geranium

An amazing ingredient for acne prone skin, Egyptian Rose Geranium helps to balance the skin and improve overall complexion. This flower is also a natural wrinkle reducer which is why you can find it in our Mature Skin Facial Serum.

High Altitude Lavender

This is not your everyday lavender. High Altitude Lavender is widely known as the highest quality lavender you can get. Most frequently used to soothe skin, it is also anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and great for treating a wide variety of skin aliments.

Tea Tree

Widely recognized as natures answer to bacteria, Tea Tree 

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