Rose Hydrolat Facial Mist

$ 14.00

Hydrate thirsty skin with a soothing mist of Onurth's sought after rose water. From the finest Bulgarian roses comes this replenishing hydrolat with natural humectant qualities to add and retain moisture to tired skin. Use after cleansing and throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate your complexion. A must have for drier skin types and frequent travelers (bring your 2 ounce bottle on the plane). This is what rose is supposed to smell like - Use in place of a toner or as a gentle cleanser with Onurth's Eco Squares. Rose has an affinity with the heart; promoting balance, aiding in emotional processing and supports in decision making.
  • Ingredients: Pure Floral Hydrosol from Organically-Grown Bulgarian Roses.
  • Origin: Bulgaria
  • Shelf Life: Three to Six Months

 Leaping Bunny Certified

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